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Carbide Cutters

We're the only turning company that makes its own carbide cutters: we

use a proprietary formula that is the sharpest, hardest, and longest lasting in the industry!


Made in America

Easy Wood Tools® transformed the turning world with replaceable carbide cutters designed specifically for turning. They keep you turning instead of sharpening and they have a lower total cost of ownership. We offer two types: Standard and Negative Rake (patented*).


Grade, Grind and Geometry: these are the 3G's of the perfect carbide cutter. As the industry experts with over 60 years of experience in the carbide field, our team has invested thousands of man hours developing the best combination of these variables and discovered the sharpest and longest lasting edge featuring:

  • Optimum grade of carbide for the longest lasting sharp cutting edge.

  • Proprietary grinding process that results in the sharpest edge possible.

  • Precision ground finish. We don't polish our carbide cutters as the polishing process is prone to chipping the cutting edge. 

Our tools are designed to be used with our own carbide: we have extremely

tight tolerances, and they work best when they work together. Our tool bars

are engraved with corresponding carbide cutter part numbers, so it’s easy to

know which cutter goes with which tool! Each cutter comes with a new mounting screw.

*Easy Wood Tools Patented Negative Rake Carbide Cutters

D902966 (Diamond): Ci4 NR; Ci7 NR

D902967 (Round): Ci0 NR; Ci3 NR; Ci5 NR

D902968 (Square): Ci1R2 NR; Ci2R2 NR; Ci6R1 NR

Carbide Cutter Chart


Screw Size/Hex Key Chart

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