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Unhandled Tools

Raise the bar with Easy Wood Tools™! If you want to create a custom handle and use the best tool bars and carbide cutters on the market today, our Unhandled tools are the way to go.

Made in America

Combine your artistic talents with engineering ingenuity to create a personalized tool that's easy to use and safer to operate. All tools come with a fresh standard carbide cutter already installed and a hex key that fits the mounting screw. Three types take your creation from start to finish:


EASY ROUGHER™ (square cutter):
Removes bulk material fast and efficiently. 


EASY FINISHER™ (round cutter):
For inside and outside curves and final shaping.


EASY DETAILER™ (diamond cutters):

Creates small coves, beads, and other fine details.

MINI TOOLS  Tool Bar: 3/8" x 4"   Maximum Reach: 2"                          

MID SIZE TOOLS Tool Bar: 3/8" x 7"  Maximum Reach: 3"                             

FULL SIZE TOOLS Tool Bar: 1/2" x 8.5"  Maximum Reach: 4"


MID SIZE EASY HOLLOWER™ #1 Tool Bar: 1/2" X 8.5"   Maximum Reach: 4"        

MID SIZE EASY HOLLOWER™ #2 & #3  Tool Bar: 3/8" x 3/4" X 3 1/2" Maximum Reach: 4"     


Tool bars are engraved with corresponding carbide cutter part numbers, so it’s easy to know which cutter goes with which tool!

​Unhandled Tools Come with a Standard Carbide Cutter:


  • Rougher: Ci2-SQ

  • Finisher: Ci3 

  • Detailer: Ci4 


  • Rougher: Ci2-SQ 

  • Finisher: Ci3 

  • Detailer: Ci4 


  • Rougher: Ci1R4 (4" radius) 

  • Finisher: Ci0 

  • Detailer: Ci4 


  • Ci5

Disclaimer: Easy Wood Tools® tool bars are designed to mount with EWT manufactured handles. If using an unhandled tool bar and creating your own handles, please review and abide by all safety precautions supplied with the tool. Easy Wood Tools® is not responsible for the overall safety and performance of any custom made turning tools.

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