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Mini Hollowers from EWT Makes Hollowing Small Projects Safer, Easier

LEXINGTON, Ky., June 5, 2019 —Easy Wood Tools (EWT), the leading manufacturer of replaceable carbide-tipped turning tools, announces its new Mini Hollowers designed specifically for small hollow forms. At 15.25 inches, each new Mini Hollower has a straight, slightly angled (45 degrees), or L-hook (90 degrees) configuration on a square-shaped bar with easy-to-grip American maple handle.  Read more...

Don’t Replace Your Tool, Replace Components with
EWT's Easy Wire Burning Kit, a Carl Jacobson Signature Tool

LEXINGTON, Ky., May 9, 2019 —Easy Wood Tools, the leading manufacturer of replaceable carbide-tipped turning tools, and Carl Jacobson, a highly skilled woodworker, woodturner, and leading YouTube personality, collaborated to design the Easy Wire Burning Kit, a tool that adds beautiful details to any turning project. Unlike other burning tools in the market today, if the wire breaks, users don’t throw away the entire tool—they simply replace the low-cost wire and start turning their pen, plate, bowl, or other project immediately. Read more...

EWT Introduces First Negative Rake Cutters Made for
Turning Manmade Materials and Very Hard Woods

LEXINGTON, Ky., November 13, 2018 —Easy Wood Tools (EWT), the world’s leading manufacturer of replaceable carbide-tip woodturning tools, announces its first negative rake cutters for woodturners. It’s an innovation that makes turning manmade materials like resin and acrylic, as well as hardwoods like ironwood or mesquite, safer and easier. Read more...

Easy Wood Tools Acquired by the Caliendo Family

LEXINGTON, Ky., October 26, 2016 — It is with great excitement that we announce Easy Wood Tools (EWT), of Lexington, Kentucky, has been acquired by the Caliendo family. The acquisition was effective October 26, 2016. Mr. Chris Caliendo will serve as President & CEO of Easy Wood Tools. Chris has worked directly with Easy Wood Tools over the last eight years on the development process, and in the manufacturing of key components introduced into the EWT product line. Read more...

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