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About Us


Easy Wood Tools® makes high quality, easy to use, hand-crafted turning tools and accessories so people will have more time to relax, create, and enjoy woodturning as a hobby or profession. 


We’re a family-owned business that takes its mission very seriously. We’re the leading replaceable carbide-tipped woodturning tool manufacturer for a reason:

  • We focus only on turning;

  • We are consistently first to market with cutting-edge turning tool

      and accessory design;

  • Our products are high quality and hand made in America;

  • Our customer service staff is knowledgeable, responsive, and fast.






In 2008, Easy Wood Tools® became the first company to develop replaceable carbide-tipped turning tools for professional turners and hobbyists. At the time, the goal was to find a carbide manufacturer who could create the sharpest, longest lasting carbide in the industry, designed specifically for turning: Easy Wood Tools® discovered a company owned by Chris and Christy Caliendo that specializes in custom, small-batch carbide; they worked closely together to create a proprietary formula and grinding method to make the hardest, sharpest, and longest-lasting carbide cutters available.

In 2016, the Caliendo family purchased Easy Wood Tools®, and we continue to innovate and bring new high-quality products that are designed to make turning easier, safer, and more fun for everyone, from professionals to newbie turners alike.


We manufacture our own carbide cutters in Addison, IL and operate Easy Wood Tools® from Lexington, KY. We sell online directly, and through retailers throughout the US and worldwide. 


Staining a Pro handle




Waiting for paint


Laser engraving

Easy Wood Tools

Executive Team


Chris Caliendo, The Brains

Chris is sometimes referred to as The Carbide King: he's been in the industry for over 30 years and uses his expertise and experience to keep EWT at the top of its manufacturing game. As president, he's responsible for overall leadership and he leads the research and development team that continues to bring high-quality products to market. He holds a BSME in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA with a specialization in Operations from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. His superpower is keeping an eye open to new technologies and applying his problem-solving approach to the turning industry.

Chris says, "Turning is one of the most gratifying woodworking hobbies. I love that I can take a project from start to finish in one evening."

Doug Dixon, The Brawn

If Chris is the Carbide King, then Doug is his co-ruler, another monarch of the carbide industry with 30+ years in the business. He started as a tungsten carbide die maker, moved up to plant management, and then found his calling in sales. At EWT, he's responsible for all retail, direct, channel, online, and international sales, as well as trade show management. His superpower is sharing his passion for, and knowledge of, EWT tools.

Doug says, "I love telling our customers about the benefits of our tools and seeing the light in their eyes when they realize how much better we really are." 

Christy Caliendo, The Beauty

If the King has a court, then Christy is the Chamberlain. Christy runs the show with dexterity and aplomb. She is a jack of all trades that brings years of business experience in customer service, sales operations, account management, consumer marketing, accounting; and has served her community as an elected official. At EWT, she is involved in overall business management, marketing, and corporate communications. Her superpower is using a keen eye towards continuously improving the customer’s experience.

Christy says, "I find that turning is relaxing and lets me focus on my project, almost like a meditation. And like golf, no matter how good you get, there is still so much to learn!"

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