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Easy Live Center™

Every lathe has a live center (it supports the workpiece from the tailstock end opposite the chuck or spur drive). They rotate with the work and are designed to carry only a radial load. We can almost guarantee that yours will eventually wear out.

But you can replace yours with our Easy Live Center™ that lasts and lasts and lasts! It features precision angular contact bearings that are sealed and lubricated; it requires no maintenance; and it handily tackles both thrust and radial loads. An angular contact bearing combined with a high quality radial bearing in the nose means our live center produces long-lasting accuracy that can last a lifetime.

  • Adjustable double-ended center point with flat or sphere point ends.

  • Center point removable allowing 5/16 through hole.

Our lathe accessories make your turning experience easier and more efficient!


Easy Cone Set™

Cones provide greater hold strength to spherical shapes like bowls or goblets, up to 4" in diameter from the tailstock end of your workpiece opposite your chuck. The cones support without damaging your finished surfaces, too and increase your project creativity. Our Aluminum Tip and Bull Nose Easy Cone Set™ work in a convex or concave orientation for increased versatility.

  • Fits 3/4" ¾”-10 thread live center only

  • Machined 6061 aluminum for strength and durability

  • 4" diameter cone / nominal 1.1/4" diameter point

  • Live center not included

Easy Spindle Adapter™


Two sized lathes, one chuck? You need our Easy Spindle Adapter™! It gives you the flexibility and economy of using one chuck on two lathes. 

  • Update your 1"-8TPI threaded Easy Chuck™ to fit a 1¼"-8TPI spindle

  • Fits all lathes with a 1¼” spindle thread

  • Precision machined steel

  • Flats on the perimeter let you use a wrench for tightening. 

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