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Lathe Tools

Our Easy Chuck™, Easy Jaws™ System, Aluminum Faceplates™, and Accessories keep you turning instead of wasting time looking for screws or slowing securing your work. Turn safely, turn efficiently, and upgrade today to the Easy way!
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Made in America

The Easy Chuck System includes our Easy Chuck™ and Easy Jaws™, an innovative combination unlike any other on the market today. With patented Snap Lock Technology SLT™, it takes only seconds to install interchangeable jaws onto the chuck, giving you more time to turn. Manufactured with hardened and plated components inside and out, and machined to high tolerances, our rugged lathe products are the only ones you'll ever need. 

And we've got lathe accessories for all your turning needs! Hold your bowl blanks securely on your lathe with our rugged anodized Aluminum Faceplates™. We offer many sizes and configurations, too, to fit all types of work, and when you add in our live center, cone set, and spindle adapter, turning is easier and more efficient. 

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