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Easy Jaws™

Change your jaws in 30 seconds or less using EWT's patented technology. No fumbling with screws, no special sequence, no time wasted. No kidding!
Easy Jaws.jpg

Made in America

Changing our jaws is effortless: Simply use the supplied ball end hex key, depress the keeper latch, slide any size Easy Jaws™ or Big Easy Jaws™ into your Easy Chuck™ (sold separately), listen for the snap, and the jaw is locked into position and ready to use in 30 seconds or less. No screws to lose, rounded corners increase safety. Our Easy Jaws™ are the only ones you'll ever need. 

  • Accommodates small to larger projects.

  • Jaws grip in either expansion or contraction mode for greater versatility.

  • Stepped Dovetail Easy Jaws™ incorporate concentric rings for a wider range of tenon size mounting.

  • 1/2 " Easy Reach Dovetail Easy Jaws™ feature an inside flat surface, perfect for pen turning and other small projects

  • Big Easy Jaws™ include eight urethane Easy Grippers™ that protect your work, even when your finish is already applied.

  • Manufactured with hardened and plated components, inside and out, and machined to high tolerances.

CJ 125 with faded chuck body.jpg

1-3/8" Easy Dovetail Jaws

CJ 150 with faded chuck body.jpg

2-3/8" Easy Dovetail Jaws

CJ210 with faded chuck body.jpg

1/2" Easy Reach Dovetail Jaws

CJ225 with faded chuck body.png
CJ 350 with faded chuck body.png
CJ 450 with faded chuck body.jpg

1-3/8" Easy Reach Dovetail Jaws

3-1/2" Easy Reach Dovetail Jaws

3-1/2" Easy Stepped Dovetail Jaws


12" Big Easy Jaws

16 inch Big Easy Jaws.png

16" Big Easy Jaws

20IN Big Easy Jaw Extensions.jpg

20" Easy Jaws Extensions

Easy Grippers™

When you need a bit more gripping power, you can increase the holding capacity of your Big Easy Jaws™ up to 2” with our Big Easy Grippers™. Their soft silicon surface protects your work piece from damage by holding it firmly, yet safely.


Package include:

Grippers (4 black, 4 yellow)
8 Posts
8 Sleeves

CJ620 Easy Reach Gripper.jpg
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