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Easy Faceplates™ & Easy Faceplate Rings™

Secure your workpiece safely and securely with our lathe mounted Easy Faceplates, and our chuck mounted Easy Faceplate Rings. Lots of sizes and configurations, too!

Made in America


M30 X 3.5 X 63.5 mm Faceplate

Easy Faceplates

Our Aluminum Easy Faceplates have a shorter overall length to keep your work close to the headstock for less vibration and safer turning. Large screw holes mean more holding power and the laser-etched hub lets you quickly identify the thread size. Lock the set screw to run your lathe in reverse for sanding, so you can sand more efficiently and effectively. The 5/16" spanner hole makes removal quick and easy.

  • Available in 10 body sizes (see below).

  • Laser-engraved hub lets you quickly identify the thread size.

  • 5/16" Spanner hole allows for easy removal.

  • Set screws allow you to run lathe in reverse (sanding only), excludes 1"x 8 TPI x 2" Faceplate.

  • Manufactured with rugged, corrosion-resistant bright aluminum to high tolerances.

F430 NEW.png

1" - 8 TPI X 2" Faceplate

1" - 8 TPI X 3" Faceplate

1" - 8 TPI X 4" Faceplate

F625 New.png
F635 new.png
F645 NEW.png

1-1/4" - 8 TPI X 2-1/2" Faceplate

1-1/4" - 8 TPI X 3-1/2" Faceplate

1-1/4" - 8 TPI X 4-1/2" Faceplate


M30 X 3.5 X 114 mm Faceplate

M33 X 3.5 X 114 mm Faceplate


M33 X 3.5 X 63.5 mm Faceplate

Easy Faceplate Rings

Our Easy Faceplate Rings allow you to mount your workpiece to the ring and the ring to your 4-jaw chuck. No need to take your chuck off your lathe. Quickly and easily swap between turning steps and workpieces. The dovetailed clamping diameter provides strong and secure holding power when properly attached to your chuck. Made from nickel-plated steel for superior quality, and built to last.

  • Available in 3 sizes:

    • 3" - fits jaws with clamping diameter of 2 1/16", minimum closed diameter of 1 7/8"​

    • 4 1/2" - fits jaws with clamping diameter of 2 1/16", minimum closed diameter of 1 7/8"

    • 6" - fits jaws with clamping diameter of 4 1/4", minimum closed diameter of 4"

  • Includes a set of mounting screws

  • Works with most 4-jaw chucks

3" Faceplate Ring
4 1/2" Faceplate Ring
6" Faceplate Ring
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