Easy Faceplates

Hold your bowl blanks securely on your lathe with our rugged bright Aluminum Easy Faceplates™. Lots of sizes and configurations, too!

Our Aluminum Easy Faceplates™ have a shorter overall length to keep your work close to the headstock for less vibration and safer turning. Large screw holes mean more holding power and the laser-etched hub lets you quickly identify the thread size. Lock the set screw to run your lathe in reverse for sanding, so you can sand more efficiently and effectively. The 5/16" spanner hole makes removal quick and easy.

  • Available in 10 body sizes (see below).

  • Laser-engraved hub lets you quickly identify the thread size.

  • 5/16" Spanner hole allows for easy removal.

  • Set screws allow you to run lathe in reverse (sanding only), excludes 1"x 8 TPI x 2" Faceplate.

  • Manufactured with rugged, corrosion-resistant bright aluminum to high tolerances.

F430 NEW.png

1" - 8 TPI X 2" Faceplate

1" - 8 TPI X 3" Faceplate

1" - 8 TPI X 4" Faceplate

F625 New.png
F635 new.png
F645 NEW.png

1-1/4" - 8 TPI X 2-1/2" Faceplate

1-1/4" - 8 TPI X 3-1/2" Faceplate

1-1/4" - 8 TPI X 4-1/2" Faceplate


M30 X 3.5 X 63.5 mm Faceplate

M30 X 3.5 X 114 mm Faceplate

M33 X 3.5 X 63.5 mm Faceplate


M33 X 3.5 X 114 mm Faceplate