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Easy Start Tools

Are you new to turning? Welcome to our world! Order your Easy Start Tools, turn on your lathe, and create something beautiful today.
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Made in America

Easy Start is a perfect place for newbies as well as those looking for tools needed for small projects. With black oxide toolbars, a steel ferrule, and maple handles, these are economically ideal for beginners. School shops love them too. Great for pens, wine stoppers, blade handles, and small bowls or shapes. All tools come with a fresh standard carbide cutter already installed and a hex key that fits the mounting screw.

Three types take your creation from start to finish so you'll know which to reach for:

                              EASY ROUGHER™ (square cutter):

                              Removes bulk material fast and efficiently. 

Ci2SQ ES.jpg

                             EASY FINISHER™ (round cutter):

                             For inside and outside curves and final shaping.

Ci3 ES.jpg
Ci4 ES.jpg

                             EASY DETAILER™ (diamond cutters):

                             Creates small coves, beads, and other fine details.

Handle: 9"

Tool Bar: 3/8" x 3.5"

Maximum Reach: 2"

Overall Length: 12.5"

Tool bars are engraved with corresponding carbide cutter part numbers,

so it’s easy to know which cutter goes with which tool!

Easy Start tools come with a Standard Carbide Cutter installed and free hex key:

  • Rougher: Ci2-SQ

  • Finisher: Ci3

  • Detailer: Ci4

Optional Carbide Cutters sold separately:

  • Standard Rougher: Ci2 R2 (radius)

  • Negative Rake

    • Rougher: Ci2 R2 NR​ (Pat. No. D902968)

    • Finisher: Ci3 NR (Pat. No. D902967)

    • Detailer: Ci4 NR (Pat. No. D902966)

  • Beading Cutters​ - For Rougher Only

    • 1/8" Diameter Negative Rake Beading Cutter ​

    • 3/16" Diameter Negative Rake Beading Cutter

    • 1/4" Diameter Negative Rake Beading Cutter

    • 3/8" Diameter Negative Rake Beading Cutter

Our high quality lathe turning tools make turning safer, faster, and more fun! Whether you're a newbie or a pro, we have the best tools for your next project.

  • Easy to use: Unlike traditional steel, our carbide-tipped tools are always held flat on the rest and parallel to the floor. No bevels, no vertical angles to worry about.

  • Short learning curve: Cut left, right, or straight on, and you're successfully and safely turning within minutes of picking up the tool. 

  • Our own carbide: We manufacture our carbide cutters using a proprietary recipe to make them the hardest, sharpest, and longest lasting in the business.

  • Lower cost of ownership: All you need is a lathe and an Easy Wood Tools turning tool and you can start making. You don't need to buy a grinding kit or sharpening system or multiple tools to achieve your desired result.

  • No sharpening: Never sharpen your tools again! When one side of the cutter gets dull, just rotate it to a new surface. When you've used all the sides, simply replace it with a new cutter. 

  • Safer: Our square tool bar design and resultant turning geometry means fewer catches and kick-backs.

  • Reduces Fatigue: Our unique handle design puts turning pressure into the tool rest so you don't tire as quickly.

  • Handmade in America: Our team of highly skilled men and women use time-tested techniques and American-sourced woods, metal, and carbide to make our high quality tools.

  • We focus only on turning: EWT sells ONLY turning tools and accessories, so we know how to make turning safer, easier, better, and more fun.​

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