Negative Rake

Try resin or acrylic with confidence --our patented* Negative Rake Carbide Cutters™ are a game changer! They create smooth, safe, continuous cuts and make turning man made materials and super hard woods safer and easier.

With the explosion of man made materials in the turning world, some found them difficult to work with using traditional steel tools. They catch easily, which can be dangerous and scary, especially to newbies. 


In our constant effort to improve your turning experience, we were the first to create a true Negative Rake Carbide Cutter™. Rake is the angle of a tool relative to its cutting surface, and most turning tools have a zero (or neutral) rake. These tips have a negative rake, so the face of the cutting tool slopes away from the cutting edge. The geometry makes a cut less aggressive, therefore safer; the negative rake angle virtually eliminates chatter and chipping. It's physics: a negative rake simply can't catch.

When one side of the cutter gets dull, simply turn it to a new side and continue turning. When all sides are used, you just replace the cutter. You'll devote more time to turning instead of wasting hours sharpening your tools, and you'll save money in the long run, too.

*Easy Wood Tools Patented Negative Rake Carbide Cutters

D902966 (Diamond): Ci4 NR; Ci7 NR

D902967 (Round): Ci0 NR; Ci3 NR; Ci5 NR

D902968 (Square): Ci1R2 NR; Ci2R2 NR; Ci6R1 NR


EASY ROUGHER™ (square cutter):

Removes bulk material fast and efficiently. 


EASY FINISHER™ (round cutter):

For inside and outside curves and final shaping.


 EASY DETAILER™ (diamond cutters):

 Creates small coves, beads, and other fine details.


MICRO-SIZED EASY DETAILER™ (Micro and Mid-size tools only, diamond cutter, natural handle):

Creates micro coves, beads, and other ultra-fine details. 

Our tools are designed to be used with our own carbide: we have extremely

tight tolerances, and they work best when they work together. We make it

easy to know which carbide fits which tool, too, with our tools and cutters

specially marked. Each cutter comes with a new mounting screw.

Carbide Cutter Chart

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