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No stopping, no sharpening, no hassle. Replace your cutters, not your whole tool, for a lower total cost of ownership!


Made in America

Easy Wood Tools® is the only turning company that makes its own carbide. Our proprietary formula is the sharpest, hardest and longest-lasting in the industry. 

Our standard carbide provides a neutral rake, which is the angle of a cutter relative to its cutting surface. These cutters start sharp and stay sharper longer to reduce catches and blowouts. 

When one side of the cutter gets dull, simply turn it to a new side and continue turning. When all sides are used, you just replace the cutter. You'll devote more time to turning instead of wasting hours sharpening your tools, and you'll save money in the long run, too.


EASY ROUGHER™ (square cutter):

Removes bulk material fast and efficiently. 


EASY FINISHER™ (round cutter):

For inside and outside curves and final shaping.


 EASY DETAILER™ (diamond cutters):

 Creates small coves, beads, and other fine details.


MICRO-SIZED EASY DETAILER™ (Micro and Mid-size tools only, diamond cutter, natural handle):

Creates micro coves, beads, and other ultra-fine details. 

Our tools are designed to be used with our own carbide: we have

extremely tight tolerances, and they work best when they work together.

We make it easy to know which carbide fits which tool, too, with our

tools and cutters specially marked. Each cutter comes with a new mounting screw.

Carbide Cutter Chart

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