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Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac


"The Ci1 tool is even
more awesome than
I expected!"
- Jeff

- Jeff

All this year, we'll be sharing some of our favorite Easy Wood Tool Moments in several different magazine ads. We're talking about those times when you realize what it is you can do, and just how well you can do it because of your Easy Wood Tools.

Below you'll find our current ads, and we'll continue to add more as the year goes on. As you can see, we're not quite finished yet. There's still time for you to submit your own Easy Wood Tool Moment, and have it turned into our next ad!

Click either the email or Facebook icon to submit your own Easy Wood Tool Moment. We may use it in an upcoming ad!


When you see her face and realize you made her something she'll be showing it off forever.

When you realize, now you have the confidence to turn that prized piece of wood.

When you realize that Easy Wood Tools brings woodturning within reach of your entire family.

When you realize, with woodturning tools this Easy, you’re limited only by your imagination.

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