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The introduction of the Easy Micro Turning Tools brings a whole new level of creativity and capabilities to carbide turning.  Precision feel and the ability to achieve finer detailing bring more control when turning small, detailed projects.  Turning ornaments and finials has never been more satisfying and fun.  Developing new geometries with the Ci7 Detailer using Genuine EWT Carbide takes your turning to the next level.


Also available in a three piece set which includes a bonus     Ci6-R1 1" radius cutter, plus a sturdy tool case

Here is what a few of our product testers had to say:

"The round allowed me to create some deep back cuts on the rim of a bowl that I have never been able to create before."

"Performance was amazing on all three tools, especially the detail tool - AMAZING!"

 "Solid feel on all three tools, just plain fun!"

"Love the ability to create fine detail like never before."

'Winner, winner chicken dinner!"

If you enjoy turning smaller projects such as Christmas ornaments, finials and pen turning, the Easy Micro Turning Tools are perfect for you!

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