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Every tool that I have bought from you has been more then I have expected. — M.S.

A very smooth running chuck.
— Jerry Sambrook (Accomplished Turner and Demonstrator)

The more I use the easy chuck, the more I like it!! — Mike F.

Absolutely Phenomenal… Excellent tools when turning acrylics and other man-made materials…one of the best purchases ever... Job well done!!! — Andrew Fuller

I just bought your easy chuck, but how the heck can you afford to sell it for that cheap?
— Louis Scavani

One of the features I like and what I feel most turners don’t consider, or even understand is how the back side of the chuck is recessed, which puts the workpiece closer to the spindle. This has to help reduce vibrations or chatter caused by adapters. Changing jaws is as you say; a Snap! — Dick Sing

A QUANTUM leap in woodturning; makes everything else obsolete.
— Scott Phillips (TV Host)

The SLT why did someone not do this 20 years ago I love it. — Mike Geswein

No shaperning…are you kidding me!?!?...I can now safely turn any project. I can change jaws with one hand in about 25 seconds…WOW! — Bob Kennedy

Very user friendly with more features than any other – Performance is what I expect from Easy Wood Tools. — Robin Costelle (World Class Turner and Demonstrator)

Easy Chuck is the best thing since sliced bread. If I was in a position to give awards for tool innovations, this year’s champion would go to Easy Wood Tools for this chuck. I am dependent on tool quality for safety and my livelihood. Both have improved for me. — Stuart Kent

Thank you for inventing the turning tools of the future… I’ll take them all, rare and refreshing. Thank you! — L. Jeffers

I absolutely love your tools! I can actually GET SHAVINGS LIKE "FEATHERS! I'm 66 and your tools allow me to tackle all types of work with ease and confidence. Cutter heads are fantastic – Thanks giving us "old guys" tools that make woodturning fun! — C. Betts

I've been turning wood since 1970, and recently renewed my interest with better tools, wood and instruction. I\'ve used the EWT rougher and finisher, and they are BOTH definitely my go-to tools. Holds an edge better that anything I\'ve ever used and the cutters are easy to replace. I am a big fan of the entire EWT product line. – Thanks guys! — John

This is the greatest tool I have in my workshop. So easy and a pleasure to use. This does a great job from roughing to finish work on any size bowl. Now, both my son (a novice) and I (intermediate turner) are having a great time together in the workshop. — N. Roy

Just wanted to let you know that I have made what I think is one of the best buys of my life. It was a great pleasure to hold in my hands and watch a work of art appear before my eyes. — M. Lindsay

Just got finished turning a 8x8 treated timber 36\" in length on a Rikon midi lathe with extension added for the extra length. I was considering purchasing a much larger lathe but using the Easywoodtools CI1 on something this large and massive it was a breeze. I started with knocking the corners down and I immediately knew the rest would be a snap. I am so glad I purchased this tool for my woodturning. I have also turned 2 small 6\" segmented bowls made of mahogony,white oak, and maple using the tool. It does take some getting use too instead of using traditional turning tools but I am hooked now and will park my other lathe tools and pass them on to my grandkids. Just a great new tool that everyone should consider using. — M. Stein

I did a lot of research and EWT by far was the clear choice and your Service Dept. also had great reviews(I concur). All this and made in USA!! Great Job EWT!! — J. Jensen

I really appreciate the time and R&D taken for making these awesome tools. I was about to write off turning as something tat was beyond my ability until I got your EasyRougher and EasyFinisher into my hands. Awesome tools! I can say with complete certainty that there is NO OTHER TOOL in my shop that I have had this sort of reaction to. — S. Jones

I am a full time turner and use the easy rougher every day. It is a rare but wonderful thing when the product lives up to the advertising. Thanks. — B. Wright

I have one of each. Love 'em both! They cut like butter. Showed them to my buddy, Bob, and he ordered them too. … These are great tools and make turning so much easier and less tiring. Best regards. — J.E., Redondo Beach, Ca

I still love your tools and tell all my new turner friends about them. You guys took me from destroying wood to turning it. I do hope to get back to the other tools soon but for now, I can do almost everything with yours. Thanks for giving me the confidence I needed to make something productive. — B. Harris

I've been turning wood since 1970, and recently renewed my interest with better tools, wood and instruction. I've used the EWT rougher and finisher, and they are BOTH definitely my go-to tools. Holds an edge better that anything I've ever used and the cutters are easy to replace. I am a big fan of the entire EWT product line. Thanks guys! — John

The finish right off the tool is amazing and it cuts like butter! — Jeff N.

I used my new tool this evening and LOVED it. Set up a block of very dry and rough cherry 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 8 inches in my lathe and the easy rougher cut like knife thru butter right out of the box. I did not have to reset the grind nor hone this tool, just use it. I roughed out a goblet and this tool was able to cut curves as well. I was impressed with the finish left on the cherry as well as the fit and finish of the tool. The lexan deflector worked great especially when I was aggressively removing wood. Overall Rating - Great Tool, a 10 out of 10! Yup, it exceeded my expectations! — Ches.

You've made turning accessible to an entire generation… have never seen anything with the amount of attention to detail and the sheer simplicity of genius that these tools evoke.
— John

I am a new customer. After reading your web site many times over the past two months, I just ordered two of your tools and paid by PayPal. Two months ago I learned about your tools on woodworker’s journal ezine. Two weeks ago I thanked Rob Johnstone for publishing your story. I have been through four sharpening systems since I started in 1999. The latest is the Work Sharp 3000 and it certainly has proven its worth. I’ll keep it for it has uses other than turning tools. I look forward to selling my two eight-chisel sets after I put new edges on them. I look forward to working with your tools. — Sherm Anderson

These tools are fantastic! I have absolutely no previous training or instruction and the very first bowl I made with YOUR tools looks like it belongs on a store shelf!! Now my wife and I are both making bowls. Thank you for making such awesome tools!!

I am loving the new mini series, wonderfully intuitive to use, crisply sharp and almost seem an extension of my hands, the tool somehow becomes invisible, there's just my eyes and the wood. Thanks for the continued hard work and development. I enjoy dealing direct with you, helps me to feel part of a growing and strong family. Best regards. — R. B. in the UK.

Again, THANK YOU, you have made my life a lot more fun! — Tim M.

Had I known about your tools prior to buying all the other \"standard turning tools\" I could have saved myself hundereds of dollars in not only turning tools but sharpining jigs etc. I just happened to find you on youtube. Awsome tools for the novice and pro. — Larry, Lake Tahoe, CA

Just wanted to let you know that this past weekend I was making some deer antler pens. I had an order to make 9. I used my Ci1 and used only that tool. It cut through the hard antler amazingly well. I am so happy with my tool since I don\'t have to sharpen it. Thanks. — Andy

I have been turning a couple of Manzanita burls for a charity event and instead of spending around 8 hours turning per bowl (with conventional tools), your tools cut the time down to about 1.5 hours. All on the same cutting tip WITHOUT rotating to a new side. Thank YOU for the great tools! — Tim (Host PBS Woodturning Workshop)

I am a visually impaired Veteran and I have a set of Easy Tools. The set of Easy Tools has made the use of my wood lathe a piece of cake. With my very limited vision, Easy Wood Tools improve my cutting in quality and speed. The need for precise angle of the tool in relationship to the stock is taken care of. I only have to keep the tool flat on the tool support and feel how the tool is cutting into the wood. Craig's products and his personal interest are outstanding.
— Jerry W Abney, US Army MSG (Ret)
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) Veteran
Miami, FL

"I wanted to run these tools thru a full gambit of tasks before I felt I could honestly comment on them.

Of course the first task was a large piece of wet water oak 12 x 12. It worked amazingly well and took me maybe 7 minutes to rough the outside.

Second was a segmented turning. Eight small "bowls" to create another Ribbon Mobius. The bowls were 6" at the top and 1 1/2" at the bottom. Due to the ability to have the tool flat and level I was able to build a jig that cut each bowl exactly the same thickness, diameter and angle. That cut my time from 1 hour per bowl, (sizing, checking angles, checking thickness with calipers) down to 5 minutes per bowl! The only problem I had was the inside bottom, The radius was too small and the heel under the cutter would rub, but I realize it was not designed for such tight areas. I imagine the mini would fix that. I used stave construction on the bowls. I did notice a little tearing on the cuts, but I was pushing the tool straight down the bowl sides and basically cutting end grain 1/8" in one pass. Any other tool would not even had made the cut. Im very impressed at this point!

I am the proud owner of all your midsize tools and can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy using them. They have taken the hard part of turning out of the picture. — Tom K.

Third challenge was an open segmented piece. One of the rules of open segmenting is NO SCRAPERS. Seeing as your tool is much like a scraper, I was quite hesitent to try it. I glued up about 5 rings (120 pieces) and figured I better try it now. I'd rather see 120 pieces fly apart than 500. I grabbed the Ci0, cranked up the speed to 1500, put the faceshield on, and prepared for the worst!.....It cut like butter and I had a nice smooth finish in 3 passes!!

I dont use alot of tools to begin with, maybe a total of 4, 5/8 Bowl gouge, 2 skews, and a detail gouge. Now I only use the bowl gouge for shear cutting and detail gouge for small stuff.The rest of time, I reach for Ci's. They are truly versitile and remarkable tools. My grinder is also collecting cobwebs, which is fine with me!"
— Jeff Matter
Turning 4 years

"The Ci1 is the tool I use first with all new projects. From bowls, to peppermills, and even pens, I have found the Ci1 to be useful in many applications. The Ci1 has helped me trim 35% off the time of my production turning jobs. Hand fatigue and other symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are non-existent, thanks to the Ci1. Great tool for a Great price and yields Great results. You can't go wrong!"
— Leo Frilot
Baton Rouge, LA
turning for 12 years

"I want to add my strong endorsement of the Ci1 tool; I have used it with burl, natural edge, soapstone, alabaster, and calcite. Nothing has roughed out these pieces as fast as the Ci1, with less strain this is the tool for the job."
- Larry Charlot
Washington State
turning for 3.5 years

"I heard about the Easy Rougher, watched the video on Craft Supplies web site and wanted one. I am somewhat of a 'tool junky' and have been disappointed with some of my purchases. I have watched the demos but many times the tools did not work for me. The Easy Rougher performed as advertised! The first time I used it I was impressed with how well it worked. No banging and jerking when roughing out a bowl. Great product!"
— Paul Rasmussen

"I didn't know it could be done! Sunday I stalled my 3502B lathe, more than once. Larry of Yakima Turnings was down and we worked on an oak burl plus a birch bowl. Got your tool last week and have been using it with a light touch and pleased with what it would do. Guess I got a little too aggressive, when removing waste from the centers. I like the Ci1 Ez rougher, money well spent" — JP Roach

"I have recently started a new business, selling Turning supplies, turning blanks and offering classes. I was offered an opportunity to turn some "Bowls" for a lamp project. They want 2 lamps, each with 3 "Bowls" on top. They are 23" in diameter on top and 15" at the base. each consists of 5 segmented rings of 8/4 mahogany. I have enclosed a design of them. The first "bowl" I turned took over 6 hours to complete. Also a couple pictures are attached. I need to cut the bottoms out yet.

I saw your tool on Craft Supplies website and thought it might help me. They were out of stock so I ordered through your site. When I started turning the second one I was elated with the performance of the "Easy-Rougher". It cut my time by 2/3 and on the 3rd and 4Th it is the only tool I used. It works so well I just don't lay it down. Thanks so much for everything. — Tom Hasting

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